Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

There’s a lot of talk on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

I thought I’d give my two cents.

A lot of family members are blaming the airline and getting angry with them over their lack of providing information. I don’t think this is the airline’s fault, and if the plane hasn’t been found and there were no final communications, they can’t really say much. No reason to get mad at the guy with his hands tied. That said, could they be hiding something? Absolutely, by I think it is not likely.

I find any cause other than terrorism difficult to believe. Total structural failure is unlikely and there was no weather to deal with. Beyond being shot down, terrorism seems to be the most logical conclusion given we have nothing else to go on. I don’t necessarily believe it’s tied to the missing passports, because from what I’ve heard, that’s pretty common in that area of the world.

Other thoughts or theories? Share below.

Here’s to hoping for the best,

Up in the Air